corporate overview

about us

Verse digital pvt. Ltd is a newly formed an innovative digital electronics company incorporated on 29th December 2015. With a mission of providing most innovative futuristic electronics gadgets that makes daily life easy and affordable to the masses. We are working towards the future of technology that will make change to the regular life of people and provide them more options to connect and do there work easily, feel safe and happy with innovations.

Verse digital provides solutions for better life of people. We have a dedicated, motivated and experienced technical, research and management team each and every individual of our team are experts and best in there field who have alligned themselves towards the goal of introduction of futuristic gadgets to the masses. our team spend day and night to research for the new innovations to give there best for the people. Our technical support is powered by GLOBFEEL


Verse digital aims to change the lives of people even in the remote areas also by providing them the most innovative and impactful digital electronics product at an affordable cost.


Verse digital is on a mission to create the amazing changes in the digital products experience, changing the schooling, office, home experience and even travel experience